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Thursday, 11 September 2014

red coat

several days ago, maybe three or four, I was just kneeling down with my face pretty much into the seat of the chair like I often do as a sort of "meditation posture" that is reasonably comfortable

i'm not sure what happened, I was tired, but suddenly there was this most intense vision of a man in a very impressive uniform/coat, maybe something like the royals in the 1966 alice in wonderland, but not quite like that, maybe not a uniform, who knows, but it very red and the vision was like incredibly detailed, hyper real, more vivid and detailed than any thing in real life . . .

he was very angry at me and sort of railed and gesticulated

I'm sure it's a vision, it had that sorta "timelessness"

RED is a very significant colour, sorta an aspect of infinity that requires our effort and I am taking the vision to mean that infinity is unhappy with the way my life is going, all the endless hours into reddit zen and writing in a way I guess, it's hard for me to be critical of what I am doing, but I think reddit zen for instance is turning my writing and attention in a certain direction, less of the pure poetic and more of a certain philosophical fragmentation . . .

well I am certainly thinking about it and perhaps have a better grip on reddit zen . . . .

it is "buji zen", you just can't stop it, there's just new people constantly piling in without any sort of contemplative background and it's just a different road, posturing with verbal bullshit, as rigid as donkeys . . .

well that's because they are . . . ! :o)

but my introduction to zen was through "the story of the stone/dream of the red chamber" and weekly zen meditation sits and a sesshin retreat with john loori at the end of the year, very different, there was something real and the origin creates an entirely different trajectory,

the fact is these people on reddit zen come from a different road and can never cross into anything w o r t h w h I l e

anyway the man in the beautiful red coat and clothes is upsetting and a little frightening (infinity can be a b i t c h) so I am . . .

Monday, 25 August 2014


I quite like wickedpriest's poem on the topic, prophetic as it happens ! . . .

When you put Ewk together with Rocky

things tend to get a little bit shlocky

but if you add Clitstation

you've got the whole "Not-Zen" Nation

& they can get rid of anybody who's mocky!

I never thought of ewk needing "protection" by the moderators, but actually he does, and his unreal fantasy is a product of that !

interesting ! :o)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

reopening the 7th patriarch blog !

reddit zen was fun but now the moderators have brought a bot in to eliminate spacing, I just don't find posting there fun without being able to play ! :o)

the unplatable truths about enlightenment